New study says it’s too late to prevent a major increase in sea level.

Global sea level to rise by up to 1.2 metres despite Paris agreement, say scientists

The research, compiled by climate scientists from a number of international institutions, analysed the long-term impacts of different emission levels and concluded oceans will rise by over one metre even if the world sticks to the Paris Agreement.

About 100 million people are estimated to live within this height above current sea level, and much useful land would be inundated and lost. And that’s even if we stopped emissions immediately, let alone in Trump’s Never Never Land.

We are likely past the point of no return. Even if we stopped now, the expected peak wouldn’t come till 2300, which is as far as the studies project, and they believe that if we don’t stop, the rise could go up to 3m.

Now, some 300 years from now definitely seems a long way away. Why should we care what happens then? Maybe it’s not in human nature to care that many generations away. But in terms of reducing pollution within our lifetimes, I think it’s worth making the effort. It isn’t just the future it benefits. Having clean air to breathe helps us here and now.

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