Neo-Nazis hail Trump

Well, not much surprise there. I doubt Trump has enough ideology in him to be a Nazi himself, his only ideal is his self-glorification, but he’s chosen the Nazis and white supremacists to get it. Shithole that he is.

Neo-Nazis say Donald Trump’s ‘shithole countries’ comments show he thinks like them

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It’s not that Trump has actual thoughts, more base impulses. I doubt he can read let alone think. And there is little doubt there is no more hated person on the planet. Even Theresa May, vile though she is, stands head and shoulders above Trump.

No American president has been this despised across the globe. Reagan had is critics, but gee, he was a nice guy, and his dementia wasn’t diagnosed properly till after his last term. Bush the younger, the chimp, was not respected as he was a bit of a twit and got America (and Britain through the malicious Tony Blair) involved in needless wars, but even he stands well above Trump.

Trump is just a destructive egomaniac. Not a single positive quality. An avid conspiracy theorist, he makes up his own realty as he goes. The sooner he is ejected from office, the better. America is tainted by him.

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