Neo-Nazi Rees-Mogg

This jackal is desperate to sabotage the EU.

Andrea Leadsom: no-deal Brexit next week would not be so grim

The Conservative backbench Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg on Sunday reiterated his proposal for the UK to seek to veto EU budgets and other disruptions if it stayed.

“I don’t think the EU, in its jargon, has behaved towards us with sincere cooperation,” he told Sky News’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday. “We are no longer obliged to follow sincere cooperation in return.”

He said: “When the multi-annual financial framework comes forward, if we are still in, this is our one-in-seven-year opportunity to veto the budget and to be really very difficult, and I hope that any British prime minister would take that opportunity.”

Treason? It’s the Brexiteers who haven’t behaved with sincere cooperation. They clearly want to disrupt Europe and send it back to the good old days of 70 years ago, when it was at war.

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