NASA to return to the moon?

Nasa administrator announces plans to ‘go to the moon and stay’

Nasa is making plans to send astronauts to the moon again, but this time it wants to keep humans there.

That’s according to the space agency’s administrator, Jim Bridenstine, who called for “the best and brightest of American industry to help design and develop human lunar landers”, in response to what he says is a clear mandate from Donald Trump and Congress to once again get astronauts out of Earth’s orbit.

In a post detailing his agency’s lofty goals — to return astronauts to the moon, and one day send them to Mars for the first time in human history — Mr Bridenstine said that, this time, the US is playing for keeps.

Hmmmm… if Trump is behind this scheme, it’s doomed to failure. He’s probably hoping to build a Trump Tower on it.

There was a time I would have applauded a permanent lunar mission, but like the International Space Station, I would have hoped it would be an international effort. The moon doesn’t belong to the US just because they landed the only astronauts on it 50 years ago.

But these are the days of global warming, and an environmental catastrophe that threatens the existence not just of civilisation, but the human species as a whole. Unless lunar travel is somehow part of a larger package that addresses GW, it’s a waste of money. Not that Trump has ever baulked at wasting money, especially if it isn’t his own.

Trump is so stupid he denies GW exists. He is so stupid he can point to climatic extremes of cold this winter as “evidence” against it, and neglect to acknowledge extremes of heat in the other hemisphere that he most likely doesn’t know exists. He is so stupid he can’t comprehend the fact that shoving more energy into the atmosphere will lead to chaotic fluctuations in weather, with average temperatures rising while local extremes can go up and down.

We are currently nations ruled by complete idiots. Nothing to be confident about there. I will predict this, though. That lunar mission ain’t gonna happen. Not even going to get started under Trump. He’s a disaster.

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