Nailed that one, Donald to Donald… wow!

EU president tears into Donald Trump, warning US president is bad friend who acts with ‘capricious assertiveness’

EU president Donald Tusk reamed Donald Trump a new asshole…  some tidbits:

“Looking at the latest decisions of President Trump, someone could even think: with friends like that, who needs enemies? But frankly speaking, Europe should be grateful for President Trump because thanks to him we have got rid of all illusions. He has made us realise that if you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm.”

This is in reference to Trump’s trade wars, his unilateralism in the Middle East with respect to Israel and Iran, his bigotry against Muslims, to name but a few areas where Trump has run off the rails.

“Besides traditional political challenges, such as the rise of China or the aggressive stance of Russia, we are witnessing today a new phenomenon: the capricious assertiveness of the American administration,”

He has a good point. America under Trump is not a reliable ally, and only a fool like Theresa May would bank with this guy. He’s random, he lies, he doesn’t keep his word or respects anyone else’s.

At least with Russia and China, you know where you stand. They are dictatorships whose sole interest is in preserving and  furthering their leaders’ power. With Trump, you have a would-be dictator who petulantly changes his mind as often as the wind changes direction, and blows just as hard.

No-one in their right minds wants to be allied to Trump’s America, because Trump can’t be trusted. One might as well be a kamikaze as to deal with Trump. No wonder North Korea is having second thoughts.

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