More victims of America’s gun culture

Not students this time. Parents.

Police search for suspected gunman after two people shot dead on Central Michigan University campus

Investigators said neither victim was a student and described the shooting as a “family-type domestic situation.” Campus police identified the suspect as Eric Davis Jr, during an afternoon news conference. The university has confirmed the victims are Mr Davis Jr’s parents, James Eric Davis, Sr., and Diva Jeneen Davis.

I expect that the NRA response will be to say that if only the parents had been toting AR-15s, they could have blown away their son first. Trump was agin the NRA yesterday, but after being corrected by his paymasters, he’s for them today.

America is a sick country. But Theresa May still thinks she can make wonderful trade deals with a crazy, ignorant, protectionist, vacillating, unstable and untrustworthy Trump. I can’t say truthfully she’s as bad as he is, but if she continues to think she can get reliable support from Trump, she’s as much of a Twit as he is.

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