More food for thought

Brexit is ‘biggest threat’ to the future of the NHS, say 100 MPs, MEPs and peers from five parties

During the Brexit campaign, leading Tory Brexiteers lied about how much they would pay the NHS after leaving Рtheir £350 million a week lie. Check out their bus.

The reality is that with the downturn in the British economy following Brexit, the loss of government revenue, the decline in EU nursing staff applications to work in the UK, down 89%, the NHS is looking to be up the creek without a paddle. Not that the Tories care – they all have private insurance, wealthy fuckers that they are.

Tories want to privatise the NHS out of existence, to achieve the health care nirvana of the USA, where most people don’t have affordable¬† health care insurance, and the wealthy don’t have to subsidise the poor.

The reality is Tories care for no-one other than themselves. They don’t care about the British people, except as folk they can exploit for their own gain. They are a party dedicated to self-interest as their sole guide.


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