May is a Tory wanker; Corbyn is a Labour wanker

The Guardian view on the Brexit endgame: talking at, not with, each other

And never the twain shall meet. Reports say May is reaching out, after two years, to Labour leave MPs. She didn’t give a shit about them till now, and I doubt she actually gives a shit. She wants to give them promises for votes. Promises she’ll never be able to keep.

May’s terminal mistake, showing how lacking in political judgement she is, was in wanting to ramrod Brexit through Parliament when she had no majority, without bothering to build to build cross party alliances, or including them in European negotiations.

Now she is astonished they won’t support her botch, so she is trying to buy votes with promises everyone knows she has no intention, or capability, of keeping. She’s finished in the Tory party. No-one trusts her in any of the opposition parties.

She should just quit. She’s lost this game.

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