May criticised for not criticising Trump

Theresa May fails to challenge Trump over Britain First in first call since incident, read out suggests

Their discussion, set out in a Downing Street read-out of the call, makes no mention of the incident which led to a tense public clash between the two leaders earlier this month.

Its absence led Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn to accuse Ms May on Tuesday of failing in her “responsibility to stand up against hate”.

Well, that’s certainly a possible interpretation – May is weak and wobbly. And her intellectual grasp of reality has not earned many admirers.

There’s another possibility. She may not have enough marbles upstairs to be an effective prime minister, and has totally screwed up Brexit, but she may not be stupid enough to be blind to the fact that The Donald has even fewer, and that arguing with him only enrages him further into grosser stupidities.

He’s unreliable as an ally, cannot be trusted to keep agreements, and has an ego a mile wide and fragile as a snowflake. It is certainly possible that May is aware of this, and considers it pointless to argue with Trump, as the consequences would inevitably be negative.

There is no return for a foreign leader standing up against Trump. It only enrages the orange orangutan, and propels him into more foolish escapades. It’s possible the only sensible policy is to murmur sweet nothings in his hairy ear, and make policy with other foreign leaders instead. Until age, impeachment, an election, or some other event remove him from our mutual pain.

Except, of course, that May’s version of Brexit has alienated every European leader, and earned no allies outside of Europe, either. At this point, thanks entirely to May, Britain stands alone and weak. Other countries have not missed this. Support on the Falklands? Not likely. Another war with Argentina? Food for thought.

Trump may be the bigger twit, but May is not far behind. She’s a disaster.

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