May bites the dust

Brexit: Theresa May defeated in critical vote on key EU withdrawal law

The Government has been defeated by Conservative rebels and Labour MPs in a critical vote on its key piece of Brexit legislation.

MPs amended her EU Withdrawal Bill against Theresa May‘s will, so guaranteeing Parliament a “meaningful” vote on any Brexit deal she agrees with Brussels.

Ms May’s whips applied heavy pressure on Conservative rebels who remained defiant in the Commons throughout the day and in the end the Government was defeated by 309 votes to 305, a margin of  just four votes.

Justice Minister Dominic Raab also sought to pick rebels off with concessions he offered from the Commons floor, but not enough backed down for Ms May to avoid her first defeat over the legislation.

The setback is a major blow to Ms May’ political authority, underlining how fragile her parliamentary majority is and also signalling that those who disagree with her Brexit plans are ready cross a line in opposing their own leader.

Parliament doesn’t trust May. Well, why would they? She’s incompetent, therefore not trustworthy. I don’t trust May, Davis, Johnson, Gove, or any of the other Tory twits further than I can throw them. In Boris’s case, not far at all.

May needs to learn that it is not she who governs as a dictator. It’s Parliament acting for a democracy. She’s a very slow learner, another reason she shouldn’t be prime minister.

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