Looks like Trump is suffering from a severe case of military bragging envy

He bragged on Twitter that his nuclear button was bigger than Kim Jong-un’s, establishing he’s a total manchild obsessed with seeming  better than everyone at everything. Obsessed with winning whatever the cost. The truth being whatever lie suits his purpose at any given moment. Now the First Moron of the US wants this:

Trump military parade: Which other countries have large-scale public displays of military might?

Trump wants the Pentagon to stage a military rally to show off his manliness and military prowess. This was supposedly  inspired by the Bastille Day parade in France, and he wants it bigger and better than that, but is a showman and carnival barker like him likely to want to stop there?

Or is it more likely he is casting envious eyes on the military shows in China, Russia and Korea, and salivating about masturbating to one like those, starring him? Most likely with a porn star on either side massaging his tiny weiner, as Melania appears to have developed an allergy to being seen anywhere near him. She’s smarter than I thought.

Given his odious remarks accusing Democrats who didn’t applaud his dull State of the Union ramblings of being “treasonous”, he obviously has dictator envy as well.

He might even, 4-times draft dodger that he was, contemplate putting on a military dress uniform with peaked cap and lots of filigree (to hide the lack of medals) for the spectacle, for pure personal aggrandisement. I wouldn’t put it past his tasteless tone deafness. He must envy Kim Jong-un a lot. It’s good to be the King. Not necessarily to be the subject, though.

Trump these days seems to fantasise about the size of his button. Perhaps because no woman in their right mind would want to be in the same room as this revolting  creep.

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