Looks like Britons have changed their mind

Brexit: Britons now back Remain over Leave by 10 points, exclusive poll shows

The British public has swung behind staying in the EU by its largest margin since the referendum, with those backing Remain outstripping Leavers by ten points, a new poll has revealed.

The exclusive survey for The Independent by BMG Research showed 51 per cent now back remaining in the union, while 41 per cent want Brexit.

Once “don’t knows” were encouraged to choose one way or the other, or excluded, the Remain lead rises to 11 points. Either way, it is the biggest gap since the June 2016 vote.

Referendum was never a British way of making decisions, it’s a parliamentary vote that counts, not populistic bombast. Or at least before the current Tory clusterfuck it used to.

However, since the noxious Tories got us into the present mess with a referendum, maybe it’s the way out of it.

Now we have the consequences of leaving in front of us, rather than the sordid lies of xenophobic  Brexiteers, we could come to a more informed decision.

The calamitous May won’t go for another referendum, of course, not unless it’s forced on her unwilling corpse. She’s no advocate of direct democracy, preferring the top down method of governance. Being the autocrat she is.

But now the consequences of leaving are more obvious to people than in the previous referendum, maybe we should be given a chance to publicly change our minds.

Gove and Johnson would loose theirs, but they don’t have too much mind between them to matter.

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