Little Englanders?

Looks like the barking bastards may have won, and will probably get their Brexit without a deal, with ensuing social and economic chaos. Fair enough, it’s not really possible to predict in this climate, but it is not looking good. Britain is set to take several vast leaps backwards and there will be no easy recovery from the mess the Tory hounds are hellbent on pooping on us.

Parliament out of options to stop no-deal Brexit, says Letwin

The new Tory dogminder is likely to be the boor Boris, let’s face it – our answer to Trump. An intellectual zero, all he has to do is lie as usual and do nothing, while creating a vast volume of foul wind, and we are out on, appropriately enough, Halloween.

Tories are good at doing nothing, it’s what they think the government should do and let private companies and financiers run Britain for their own benefit – Boris will also try to get a further tax cut for the rich, so screw the workers. The point of Britain under the Tories is to make the wealthy wealthier. The point of Brexit is for its own sake, a fuck you to the EU and strange, sausage-smelling furriners. Maggie Thatcher will begin to look good compared to the present kennel of Tories.

Fuck “One Nation”. If that kind of Brexit happens, bring on Scexit and leave the xenophobic Little Englanders to their fate.

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