Let’s have another referendum

Young voters want final say on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, poll finds

They have a point. Something like 1.4 million children have become voting age adults since Cameron’s mistake. Given that May has made a disaster out of Brexit, is obviously expecting no deal at all, and is content to rip up the Irish peace accords by re-establishing the border, they deserve a chance to vote on their own futures.

Plus, some of the aged, crabby, isolationist bastards who voted agin everything forrin, have mercifully died and gone to whatever heaven they deserved. More will join them after Brexit as the supply of doctors, nurses and medications runs out.

Brexit: More than 100 constituencies that backed Leave in 2016 referendum would now vote Remain

More than 100 Westminster constituencies which backed Leave in the 2016 referendum would now vote to remain in the European Union, according to new analysis of polling.

The findings suggested that most seats in England, Scotland and Wales now contain a majority of voters who want to stay in the EU.

Among constituencies found to have switched from Leave to Remain were arch-Brexiteer Boris Johnson‘s Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Michael Gove’s Surrey Heath and the seats of pro-BrexitLabour MPs Frank Field in Birkenhead and Graham Stringer in Blackley and Broughton.

Neither is this a huge surprise. In the wake of May’s misgovernment doing sweet Fanny Adams to get a Brexit deal, the calamity of crashing out is beginning to dawn on some anti-European dinosaurs. It’s not as though they can rely on Trump and his American fascists to come running to their economic rescue.

Parliament is unlikely to come to any decisions on Brexit itself. It’s becoming far more likely they will choose to pass the buck to the voters again. It’s their get out of jail free card.

As for the excuse that it is “undemocratic” to give voters a choice, given that they voted already to leave, that’s absurd. A democracy isn’t an unchanging fossil set in stone. That’s the Tory party. A democracy’s a dynamic institution. There is no reason to suppose it can’t change its mind given new data, and god knows, the Tory party has given us lots of new data about its failure to govern responsibly.

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