“Let there be no dissent!” she squeaked

Theresa May silences minister who questioned whether Brexit should be halted after leaked analysis

Phillip Lee, a Tory government minister, got an earful in the whip’s office, in her ladyshit’s absence wooing suitors abroad, for daring to suppose that Tory policy ought to be based on evidence and reason, as opposed to wild political ambitions and crazy surmise. Lee had commented on a leaked but secret Government analysis exposing the predicted economic damage likely to be caused by Brexit, suggesting that rather than going full steam ahead with what is likely to be a major disaster, we should take the time to rethink.

The lady was evidently not amused.

Apparently, the lady either believes Tory policy ought to be formulated on a pungent mix of dogma, anti-Europeanism, and wishful, ignorant and lazy thinking. Or perhaps the lady resents critics pointing out that this is very much how the Tory shambles of a policy appears. A distinction that in this case, makes no difference. A shambolic government  is what it is. No papering over it.

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