Labour’s betrayal

Corbyn and his fanboys have spent so much time ‘democratising’ things they’ve forgotten they know nothing about Brexit

Let’s forgive the casual obliteration of everything they claim to stand for and focus instead on the sheer mind-bending mess that would be the McDonnell referendum

In a show of outstanding ignorance and don’t-give-a-shittism, Corbyn and his shadow chancellor McConnell have decided that democracy only counts if the people choose what they themselves want, and are not going to put the option to remain in a Labour-supported referendum. If that’s what they end up doing, I think that’s that’s going to bite them in the ass, and they won’t get the polls bounce they are hoping for, because lots of previous Labour supporters like myself will not vote for that party, or in such a referendum.

In a real democracy, which is not something the Labour leadership seems to know much about, the people can get to change their minds rather than being forced to choose between two equally unpalatable options. But Corbyn doesn’t care, he’s never been a Europhile.

Still, Labour isn’t speaking with one voice, yet. Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer is not ruling out an option to stay. This is completely at odds with lefties Corbyn and McConnell.

I suppose we have to wait and see how the conference votes. Jeremy does love a democratic system, so he may find that lots of Labour members don’t think leaving Europe is intelligent policy.


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