Labour to back new referendum?

Over Corbyn’s dead body. Small price to pay.

Labour will inevitably back second Brexit referendum, says McDonnell

Shadow chancellor appears to shift party’s position, saying general election will be hard to achieve

John McDonnell has said Labour will “inevitably” back a second referendum if the party is unable to force a general election, in comments widely regarded as marking a shift in Labour’s position.

Speaking on Wednesday to the BBC, McDonnell repeated that a general election remained a preference but admitted it was “very difficult to do” because of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act.

“If that’s not possible, we’ll be calling upon the government then to join us in a public vote,” he said. “It’s difficult to judge each stage, but that’s the sequence I think that we’ll inevitably go through over this period.”

Asked to confirm that he thought it was “inevitable”, McDonnell said: “That’s right. Our policy is if we can’t get a general election, then the other option which we’ve kept on the table is a people’s vote.”

Not exactly dancing to Corbyn’s tune, whatever the hell that is. No-one admits to knowing what Corbyn thinks or wants to do about Brexit, least of all, Corbyn himself. So in the vacuum of a Labour leadership that isn’t there, the Shadow Chancellor steps up.

If May and Corbyn go down together, all the better.

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