Labour still wandering in Corbyn’s wilderness

Trying to unite the country over Brexit won’t win Labour a general election

Ahead of today’s meeting of Labour’s shadow cabinet, here is a thought experiment. In the latest YouGov poll, the party has lost half its vote at the last general election. Suppose three-quarters of those lost voters had switched to the Brexit parties or the Conservatives, while one-quarter had switched to strongly remain parties – the Liberal Democrats, Greens or SNP. Pro-leave MPs in Labour’s heartlands would say “told you”. The case for Labour pivoting to a strongly pro-leave stance would be overwhelming.

In fact the opposite is true. Of those who voted Labour in 2017, just 51% would vote Labour today. Thirty-six per cent would vote Lib Dem, Green or SNP; just 11% would vote for the Brexit party or (in a very few cases) Conservative. If any pivoting is needed, the direction needed for the party’s self-preservation is clear.

Corbyn and his leftie cronies are labouring, if you will pardon the pun, under the delusion that (a) Britain craves far left policies, and (b) that if only Britain left the EU, those stupid policies could be put in place.

The fact is, most Brexiteers are xenophobic neo-fascists who want nothing to do with socialism of any sort. That Corbyn sympathises with their Brexit aspirations won’t win him any votes. He’s as moronic as the Maybot. He just doesn’t get it, that most liberal and socialist people favour economic alliance with other European nations. Yes, that alliance might stop some radical leftwing policies, and, yes, the EU could do with some reform, but the liberals and socialists aren’t with Corbyn. He’s a dinosaur, a millwheel around their necks, something antediluvian that is trying to take them and Britain down. He’d never be elected Labour leader now we’ve seen how he fails to perform.

Corbyn and the Maybot are the symptoms of Britain’s decline. Unfortunately, there is no-one on any horizon who offers hope for a British rise. Corbyn dithers while Britain burns. Historians will not be kind to this twit.

Labour can’t straddle the divide between xenophobes and people who want to be part of Europe. There’s no unity there. Corbyn is delusional on that score, as he is on many issues. Neither Labour nor Tories offer any way forward. Brexiteers have never offered one, their aim is Brexit, and damn what happens afterwards. Britain is rudderless, and the Tory selection of a king-elect won’t change that.

Maybe it is time to dissolve the United Kingdom, and let England drift on its own xenophobic path.

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