Labour split

No huge surprise here. Corbyn has been a disastrous leader, failing on both Brexit and antisemitism, and some Labour MPs couldn’t take the lack of leadership any longer. I can’t say I really blame them, but the consequences of their action could be dire.

The problem is, of course, this gives May incentive to call another election, hoping to follow in the odious Margaret Thatcher’s shoes and get another 10 years in office because the main opposition party is split. Thatcher’s 11 year reign is something the UK has not yet recovered from, and any more May years would be lethal. Especially if they turned into Johnson or Gove years.

The problem is, Corbyn is no catch, either. I couldn’t face voting Tory or Labour at this point, leaving the SNP as the only practical alternative in my neck of the woods.

Brexit has become a circus without a competent ringmaster, let alone mistress. At this point, I can’t foresee any good outcome. Parliament doesn’t have a majority to give Brexit the heave-ho, which would be the sensible thing to do. It was always a terribly bad idea. Neither does it have a majority for no deal, or May’s deal. Which leaves one questioning what the fuck, if anything, it does have a majority for?

Both Labour and Tories have the responsibility of turning Brexit into a catastrophe, Tories more than Labour since they are in government failing to do anything right, but Corbyn has his share, too. He’s offered no alternatives, hoping to capitalize on May’s failure, but the Labour split has put an end to that hope. He has nothing else to contribute.

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