Labour fission?

Rebel Labour MPs set to quit party and form centre group

Corbyn had this coming. Dire though May’s misgovernment has been, his dithering leadership of the opposition has been as bad, perhaps worse, because he is betraying Labour voters. He’d better hope May doesn’t go for another election because he and his party could be wiped out.

Admittedly, he is caught between Labour Leavers and Remainers, and has claimed to be in favour of simultaneously leaving AND staying in a customs union, despite having no say in forming its regulations. His position is completely illogical, especially as his heart remains with the Brexiteers, and it’s unclear where his head is. Certainly not in a leadership role.

As a result, neither side trusts him, because neither can believe he means a word he says. Rather like May and the Tories. Corbyn has deliberately put himself in a position where he is an ineffective opponent of Brexit, and hence of the Tory party that has embraced it. If he is still the leader of the party after the next election, whenever it comes, it will be of a rump party of little significance.

Again, I think there is a resolution to this conundrum. Unstitch the UK entirely and let the regions go where they will. Scotland would go back into the EU. England can go… well, let’s not go there.

Then there will be no reason to evacuate the royal family from any palace other than Balmoral.

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