Jeremy is not out for the count… yet

Labour take lead in polls after Czech spy claims fail to damage Jeremy Corbyn support

Another Tory smear attempt fails.

It comes as ex-MI6 boss Sir Richard Dearlove said Mr Corbyn had “questions to answer” over the affair and could not “laugh off” the claims.

The article goes on to point out that Richard Dearlove was involved in the dodgy dossier that got Britain involved in the Iraq war. A war that had Tories masturbating even though it was instigated under the Blair government, which was not much different from a Tory one. Corbyn proved he wasn’t where was accused of being.

Now, I’m no Corbynista. For example, I agree with his policy of renationalising the railways, but disagree with his acceptance of the narrow majority in the referendum to exit the EU. I think that’s insane, as the outrageous shambles of the Tory negotiation for Brexit proves.

But we need an alternative to the crackpot Tories, and Labour is the only option in most constituencies. Even if Corbyn succeeds, he’s not going to get all of his agenda through parliament.

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