Jeremy Hunt vs. Stephen Hawking. Which is the intellectual lightweight?

Stephen Hawking and leading doctors to take Jeremy Hunt to court over ‘back-door privatisation’ of NHS

Hunt was planning a back-door giveaway of NHS services to private corporations, another example of the Tory wizard wheeze to transfer money away from the poor to the rich. Government still pays the cost, but Tory donors get to make more profits.

Hawking and his colleagues, leading medical professionals as opposed to buckaneering Tories, brought a lawsuit alleging this was illegal without an Act of Parliament, and they’ve just won a ruling saying a full judicial review is necessary before Tories can steal money by fiat.

Ok, my language is a bit prejudiced, but this is the Tory clown car, where they think they can get away with anything. They’ve been privatising lots of government services in order to enrich their donors. This is just the latest grab. And when their new “Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs)” go belly up like Carillion, because the plutocrats have been feeding at the public teat, where will the Tories be? Gazing at the sky and whistling Dixie? “Our fault? How can it possibly be out fault?”

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