I’ve never been much of a Corbyn fan…

… and again he disappoints.

NI Shadow Secretary Owen Smith sacked by Jeremy Corbyn from Labour frontbench after calling for another Brexit referendum

The Independent’s front page headline started with “Stalinist purge” which is a bit of an exaggeration even given Corbyn’s leftist leanings. Still, I do not like what this says about Corbyn’s policies towards Europe.

The electorate was lied to during the referendum by Brexiteers. While I don’t believe in government by referendum, a referendum got us into this mess, and ought to be used to confirm whether we want to stay in it like pigs in poo, or get out and rejoin Europe where we belong. Then regulate the use of referenda so we son’t get bitten again.

Bear in mind also the Cambridge Analytica was involved in the referendum on the Brexit side, the same folk who claim to have brought us Trump. Shady bunch of folk.

As I’ve remarked before, Corbyn was never a fan of Europe, and was happy with the referendum result, which is why his opposition to May on the issue has been totally useless. Neither Corbyn nor May have bothered spelling out what happens to the Irish border after Brexit, and its implications for the peace accords. Perhaps neither really cares.

Between the pair of them, they make the SNP look better and better.


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