It’s worrisome when you cannot trust your government

Boris Johnson says UK has evidence of Russia stockpiling deadly nerve agent for assassinations in last ten years

Given Boris Johnson’s record of lying, second only to Trump’s, if Boris says A, then B is likely to be the truth. Or C, D, E or F. Who knows at this point?

Russia’s ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov had denied moments earlier on the same programme, that his country had any nerve agents in its military arsenal, saying there are, “no stockpiles whatsoever”.

Chizhov went on to speculate the nerve agent came from Porton Down, the UK’s chemical warfare research facility, only a few blocks down the road from Salisbury.

The waters are murky, and while I don’t believe anything coming out of Moscow, I don’t believe anything coming out of May’s misgovernment, either.

We are in deep shit.

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