It takes the Lord Mayor of London to do what Theresa May won’t

Sadiq Khan commissions Brexit impact assessments after Government admits it doesn’t have any

Oor Theresa – well not ours, but anyway – and her sad sack minion David Davis had to ignominiously admit they hadn’t bothered their arses to do any impact studies on the effect of Brexit on the British economy and welfare.

They were gung ho to steam full speed ahead and damn the consequences schmonsequences. Who cared? They didn’t. They are Tories… it’s not in their nature to care.

The fearless Brexiteers, campaigning from their mendacious bus claiming £350 million a week for the NHS after running away from Europe, dubbed criticism of Brexit as Project Fear. Consequences are emerging, however. No wonder May and her minions decided to avoid impact studies. They wouldn’t look good.

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