It shouldn’t take a Nobel Prize winner, but…

Trade talks with Donald Trump ‘a waste of time for UK’, says Nobel Prize-winning economist

Oor Theresa is not the brightest bulb on the political tree, though compared to other Tory pols, she may glow a tad less dimly. But however many feeble microwatts surge under the grey curls, they aren’t up to dealing with The Donald.

Joseph Stiglitz has said the UK should not trust Mr Trump and that Britain should not waste its “scarce resources” attempting to get an agreement.

Speaking to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, Mr Stiglitz highlighted that the President is looking to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta).

“I think it would be a waste of time to begin negotiations with him,” Mr Stigltiz said.

What May has yet to acknowledge is that Trump isn’t worthy of any trust. He’s a liar and back stabber,and he owes her nothing. His prime goal is, “What’s in in it for The Donald?” The only Americans he cares about are the adulatory arselickers that comprise his “base”, and it doesn’t get baser than that.

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