It doesn’t get dumber than a religious fundamentalist

These idiots just aren’t capable of reasoning.

Charity Commission to question Christian megachurch over ‘flu shot’ video

The fundie in this case is a Christianist one, though Jewish, Hindu and Muslim fundies aren’t any better. Morons, the lot of them.

This idiot, Gloria Copeland, decided to make a video telling the gullible faithful they don’t need to take flu shots. Because, guess what? Jesus took them for all Jesus believers!!! If only you believe, you will never get the flu!

It takes religion to be this ignorant. Viruses don’t listen to anyone’s god. They are just a force of nature. If you are stupid enough to think religious belief is enough to protect you from a virus, no-one will mourn your departure from flu. Say “Hi!” to Jesus on your way out.

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