Is this pug giving a Nazi salute?

Man who taught pet pug to give Nazi salutes and posted footage on Youtube found guilty of a hate crime

At first I thought, you have to be kidding me… a guy who teaches a dog to lift its paw is guilty of a hate crime? Has political correctness lost its marbles?

Then I read the article. The dog was taught to respond to classic and extremely offensive phrases, such as “gas the Jews”, or “Sieg Heil”, then the perp released a video of this travesty on his youtube site, whence it went viral. The perp’s defence was that he only meant to annoy his girlfriend – and what  kind of boyfriend even wants to annoy a girlfriend, doesn’t seem like the kind of things friends do – and to have it seen only by a few other presumably like-minded friends. Some friends. His lawyer argued he couldn’t possibly have foreseen it would be seen and appreciated by millions. Ha.

A good few dozen hours of community service sounds like the ticket for this joker.

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