Is there political re-alignment on the cards?

Brexit is the biggest self-inflicted political disaster facing the UK in modern history. Yes, WWI and II were bad, but by no means self- inflicted  with the rest of the world looking on and laughing. And WWII in particular, was a war fought with purpose and honour.

There is neither honour nor leadership in Brexit. It’s a pathetic circus of self-serving pols like May and Corbyn who haven’t a moral or scruple between the pair of them. May fancied herself as PM, and Corbyn is a wintry ideologue with no compassion for the victims of political policy. Both want Brexit. May because she came to power in its support after opposing it; and Corbyn because as a self-described socialist he thinks Europe is a capitalist’s club, but he wants Brexit without taking the blame for it.

Pair of wankers.

Given the disaster in the making, and the disregard of Labour and Tory leaders for the consequences of their actions and inactions, is there some hope that individual MPs will reconsider party allegiances, and figure out some new configuration?

It’s happened before in times of great political upheaval. The 19th century Corn Laws affected food availability in the UK to such an extent there was a parliamentary revolution. Brexit could be similar, given the similar consequences.

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