Is the UK morally accountable for not criticising Saudi Arabia’s killing of Yemeni children?

UK Government must be held accountable for children killed during Saudi Arabia’s Yemen bombing, says Labour

There’s no denying Britain has been cosy with Crown Prince Salman, selling the Saudis arms to carry on their lethal attack on Yemen. Which has indeed resulted in many civilian casualties that neither the Saudis nor their British suppliers care anything about. That is morally reprehensible.

On the other hand, the current Saudi regime has been loosening its restrictions on women, allowing them to drive, if they can see through their hijab or niqab. Tiny steps.

Are the tiny steps towards women’s freedom in Saudi Arabia worth sacrificing Yemeni lives? Probably not, but the UK government turns a blind eye, especially as British arms manufacturers are making a significant profit, and Theresa May doesn’t give a shit about morality where trade is concerned, especially given her Brexit disaster. Any port in a storm, she says.

And of course oil shares and a London stock exchange flotation for Aramco rears its ugly head. But then, money and profits are very important. The lives of children… meh, not so much. Not that you’ll hear May consider the morality of that. She has no scruples at all.

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