Is Rees-Mogg a would-be Nazi?

The question may seem on the surface absurd, till you look at the people he supports.

Tory racism storm deepens as Jacob Rees-Mogg promotes video of German far-right leader

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has caused consternation after approvingly quoting the leader of a German far-right party whose senior figures have called for refugees to be shot.

The influential Tory Brexiteer posted a video of Alice Weidel, leader of the AfD, commenting on Brexit to his social media profile. 

The AfD, whose candidates have declared that Islam is worse than the plague and that refugee boats should be sunk, marched alongside neo-Nazis last year, leading to some of its members being put under formal state surveillance.

“You can tell a lot about the person by the company they keep”, one social media user commented under Mr Rees-Mogg’s tweet, while another added “Are you quoting the same AfD that had posters urging an ‘Islam-free’ Bavaria at a recent election?”  

The whirring sound you hear is Winston spinning in his grave.

Everywhere you look, racism and proto-fascism is leaking out of the pores of the Tory Grand Wizards.

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