Is British fascism returning?

This is something that ought to concern us, as the Tories have been trying to wear the UKIP mantle, especially where Muslims are concerned.

The far right is organised and growing. Those Nazi salutes are serious

Nazi salutes on British soil? Better believe it. The grand and great-grandchildren of those who died protecting Britain from Nazis are embracing Nazi salutes as they march for racist and fascist causes on British streets.

This is mixed up with Brexit fever, and may well be being stirred from Moscow, which seems to be interfering in Western politics more and more. There are links between Trump and British and European fascist groups, and they’ve all had meetings with Russian representatives.

These people, includng Trump and Putin, are mobsters who have no belief in democracy. What they believe in is theft and force. In a way, they are Hitler’s heirs. And we are saddled with them and the wreckage they create around them.

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