Is Boris Johnson a neanderthal in Conservative clothing?

Boris Johnson warned that violent Brexit rhetoric risks undermining EU talks and ruining Britain’s reputation

Considering his “war” rhetoric, the poppy is a nice touch to his demeanor.

A cross-party group of British MEPs has warned Boris Johnson that he and other Brexiteers risk undermining negotiations with the EU and ruining Britain’s image abroad with their repeated use of violent war imagery when talking about Brexit.

The Foreign Secretary has been sent a letter, seen by The Independent, from 20 British MEPs in six different parties, including Mr Johnson’s own. They argue that the casual use of the language of “war and conflict” to describe talks with the UK’s allies is “dangerous”, undermines negotiations and does “not promote an image of a deep and special relationship, but a hostile one”.

Criticising “the language used by many senior politicians and much of the press”, the MEPs single out  “terms such as ‘war cabinet’, ‘punishment’, ‘demands’, ‘blackmail’ and similar” – some of which have been used by the Foreign Secretary himself.

“In the last week utterly inappropriate terms such as ‘weaponising’, ‘annexing’ and ‘provocation’ have been widely used in relation to the draft exit treaty and its proposed protocol on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland,” they wrote.

“Aside from the extremely questionable morality of the use of such terms, they also serve to damage the UK’s future prospects greatly. Their use is self-defeating in every respect. The prosperity of the UK will be deeply affected by the Article 50 negotiations, and achieving any outcome that minimises the harm of Brexit requires goodwill, patience and trust on all sides.

The only thing Boris cares about is wrestling the premiership from May. Hard to know which would be worse.

The only thing we know for sure is the UK is being lead by the stupid, the dull, and the unimaginative. These morons have no plan post-Brexit. It’s a hope and a prayer, and given that Trump is no trustworthy trading partner, that eliminates the US, leaving us with Canada and Australia as our rescuers, which I doubt they will be stupid enough to be.

There are few members of the Tory cabinet worth their salaries. Indeed, I can’t think of any. The only place more chaotic than the Tory misgovernment is the White House.

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