Irish PM points out Theresa May is as thick as a brick

Theresa May still appears not to understand full impact of leaving the customs union and single market, Irish PM suggests

Well, he put it more circumspectly.

The content of Theresa May’s Brexit speech suggests she does not understand the full impact that leaving the customs union and single market will have, Ireland’s prime minister has warned.

Reacting to Ms May’s Mansion House speech on Friday evening Leo Varadkar said he was “concerned that some of the constraints” of the UK’s policy are “still not fully recognised” in Westminster.

The Taoiseach added that the UK needed to produce more “more detailed and realistic proposals” – which had been expected in today’s address – and that time was running out to do so.

It’s true, she spoke entirely in hopeful platitudes, without a single concrete plan as to how to proceed. She’s floundering, without a clue where to go next.

Apparently the Tories are willing to sacrifice the Good Friday accords on the the altar of Brexit, just because peace in Ireland is so much less important than freedom from Brussels and those pesky Europeans.

This Tory government is a disgrace. It’s an embarrassment. And it needs to go.

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