Incapable of lateral and independent thinking

Brexit to go ahead even if Government’s own analysis shows it will make Britain poorer, Theresa May suggests

The prime minister is an ass. That’s been plain since she lost the election she called, but didn’t have the guts to resign, unlike David Cameron, who was daft enough to have a referendum, but principled enough to quit when he lost it. May is held to the whim of the quarrelling denizens of the Tory swamp, and is no longer driving the Tory clown car. Not by herself anyways. Everyone is trying to have a go at it, all at the same time. She’s too weak to control anything.

The alternative is simple enough on the face of it. Admit that Brexit is a bungled, miscalculated and disorganised disaster and have a re-think. Go back to the people in an election or second referendum. Put the issue to rest one way or another, instead of dithering about like a frantic hen trying to escape the last round-up.

Speaking of referendums, I really do not like them, not for issues like this. But given that a referendum coupled to Tory intransigence got us into this mess, maybe another one is the balanced way out, as it’s likely to go agin Brexit. And if it supports the first, then so be it. Brits voted twice for disaster, and have no-one to blame but themselves.

Then make it very difficult to decide anything by referendum again, either by making a super-majority necessary, or by requiring two referenda separated by a gap of 6 months to a year so folk can reconsider the consequences and decide whether they are comfortable with their original vote or not. If two referenda differ, the status quo remains.

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