I’m at the point where I’ve no sympathy for Americans.

The Florida school shooting proves we need to arm every child over the age of six months for their own protection

The only intelligent response to the 18th school shooting of just this year in the USA is sarcasm. While that may be the lowest form of wit, who can still be shocked by American massacres, and that nation’s failure to act to control guns? It’s ho-hum, now. Just another day, just another massacre, no need to actually DO anything.

No country with gun control laws has America’s massacre rate. Not merely murder rate, mass massacre rate. The answer is simple and self-evident: curtail gun ownership. But no, that’s not possible because of the enshrined 2nd Amendment, the holiest part of the US Constitution to many American idiots. Here is what it actually says:

Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

How about, as a simple start, they combine the ownership of arms with the necessity of being part of a well regulated militia, having to do regular drills and training in their own time and at their own expense, so the nutcases can be noticed and locked away in padded rooms before they can do real damage.

The National Rifle Association, a major contributor to Trump and Republican candidates, has been in the forefront of the mad attempt to proliferate guns, and so has virtually sole ownership of the incredible massacre rate. Their line is that is is not guns that kill people, it’s mad people with guns that kill people. But ask them to support taking away ease of access to guns, and they have a conniption fit. If it’s mad people responsible, maybe every purchase of a gun should be prefaced by a thorough psychiatric examination. At the would-be gun owner’s expense, of course.┬áThe cynical bunch of bastards at the NRA just don’t care.

Neither do the politicians they support. Trump once again fecklessly offered prayers and condolences. Not a single practical step to keeping guns under control, because he is in thrall to the NRA. Things need to be done, he implies, carefully not specifying what. Americans need to come together, he claims. For what? So that a gunman can shoot them all the more easily and quickly?

Americans have no-one to blame but themselves for this protracted plague of massacres. They’ve brought it on themselves, and are unwilling to control it. I’ve no sympathy at all with stupidity.

The only thing I’m praying for is that maybe, there is going to be one massacre too many, one massacre that will wake Americans up from their gun-loving stupor. I’m not holding my breath. A lot of Republicans would rather live with a high massacre rate than surrender their penis substitute. Stroke it, baby!

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