If I were Trump, and if I were an ass, but I repeat myself…

Trump condemns armed Florida officer who didn’t confront school shooter: ‘Coward’

As we all know by now, Trump has embraced the lunatic idea of arming 20% of teachers with guns. What better way of getting guns within reach of student nutcasess, you might think, but the mighty Trump intellect doesn’t quite get there. It’s still focussed on the Russian investigation and how to derail it.

Now, it turned out today there actually was an armed officer at the school during the shooting, who remained outside and did nothing to intervene. Now, Trump is keen on blaming the officer, that’s the sort of man he is after all, eager to blame anyone and everyone other than himself and the Republicans for making access to guns easy. But I can understand the officer’s fear. He didn’t do the job he was paid for, but this was a particularly difficult job.

What bemuses me is how Trump apparently thinks the argument that arming 20% of teachers, even supposing 20% of teachers are trained gunmen capable of handling firearms and facing an armed loon, which I strongly doubt, is going to improve on a trained and armed police officer who proved unable to help.

Does Trump really suppose that armed teachers would have a more coordinated response than an armed and trained officer? I doubt it. He’s deflecting from Russia. Does having armed teachers make it more likely that students will get access to arms? Of course it does. Do armed teachers make it more likely students will get shot by one? You betcha, as some teachers are none too stable given what they have to deal with. Does Trump care? No, because he’s deflecting from Russia. Armed teachers are not a serious proposal that will ever fly, and even Trump isn’t dumb enough not to realise that.

He will spout any idiocy, support any crazy scheme, so long as it deflects attention from what Robert Mueller is up to.

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