I can’t understand why the Labour leadership would support Brexit, either

Labour must ‘show leadership’ on Brexit, says sacked frontbencher Owen Smith

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme less than 24 hours after being removed as Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, Mr Smith said Mr Corbyn “clearly wants to take a different position to that which I advocate, a more Eurosceptic position if you like, on Brexit”.

“My view is that the Labour Party needs to show leadership on this issue, it’s the biggest economic crisis that our country will have faced for many, many generations.”

“It’s the first instance that I can think of in living memory of a government pursuing a policy that they know is going to make our economy smaller and reduce people’s livelihoods and life chances and I cannot understand why we in Labour would support that.”

Corbyn is letting his euro-scepticism to get the better of his economic intelligence, where it is clear Brexit means economic chaos, loss and uncertainty, and that is something Labour ought to oppose.

Instead, Labour is standing by meekly while the Tories flush the UK down the toilet. For the calamitous Theresa May, this is all about staying in power, not the UK’s best interests.

If Corbyn hasn’t the balls to oppose May on this, maybe it’s time Labour found someone who has. Quickly. Doubt it’s gonna happen. The people with clear and thoughtful ideas aren’t running either major party.

Pox on the pair of them.

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