How do you know Theresa May is lying? Her mouth moves.

Theresa May’s New Year message: PM says 2018 will bring ‘renewed pride’ to Britain amid Brexit divisions

“2017,” she says, “has been a year of progress for the United Kingdom.” That was the first sentence of the clip, 4 seconds, couldn’t bear to watch the other 4:45 min of it. The first words of her new year message were a lie. She’s been a catastrophe. There’s been no progress at all, just a retreat into Tory incompetence.

Theresa May was a Margaret Thatcher wannabee without the stubborn stupidity and iron resolve, and with a trace of moral conscience, which Thatcher never exhibited. To her credit, she is no Thatcher. Thatcher was a monster. May eventually supported equal rights for gay Britons, after a vacillating record. Thatcher would have had us executed if she could have gotten away with it.

However, just being no Margaret Thatcher is no recipe for success. Neither is having a moral conscience, which must surely be squirming under the lies she’s just told. Sure, politicians all lie. They prefer to avoid responsibility.

If May says 2017 was a “year of progress”, she’s either delusional, incompetent, mendacious, or all three.

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