Hopefully Christianity is going through its last gasp

Chichester child abuse: How did one small Church of England diocese produce so many paedophile reverends?


Now, I was raised a Catholic, a church infamous for protecting child molesters. I never experienced any molestation myself, despite exposure to numerous Catholic priests, so I can’t argue child molestation is endemic in Christian religions. But clearly it does occur, and church authorities prefer to cover it up, because it doesn’t make them look good.

There is nothing ranker than religious hypocrisy. We see a lot of it among Christianist evangelicals supporting Trump. The pious scumbags who think they have a right to preach to others give Trump a pass because he’s willing to support policies they favour, like banning abortion and promoting church-sponsored prayer to Jesus in legislatures and public schools.

While supporting monuments to the ten commandments, or suggestions, they are happy to give their president a pass on at least two: thou shalt not lie, and thou shalt not commit adultery. Apparently, according to Konservative Kristians, those are fine so long as women are forced to birth and gays and transgendered are banned.

I was raised a Catholic, but gave it up in my teens as a bad job. Religion is a total waste of time.

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