Holyrood fires warning shot across Downing Street

Maybe not the kind of shot I’d prefer, but the Scottish Parliament voted overwhelmingly to agree to the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Brexit: Scottish parliament refuses to grant consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill, risking a constitutional crisis

All parties united against the Scottish Tories on this vote, which will not be music to either May’s or Corbyn’s ears. The pair of them are desperate for Brexit, one way or another and it’s beginning to sound like the pair of them would prefer it harder than softer as both are incapable of proposing any workable solution to staying in the single market, and neither cares about the effect on British business, workers, or its constituent nations.

Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins said: “It’s profoundly regrettable that we don’t have a deal in Scotland to allow us to move on.

“The blame for that lies entirely with the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon has refused to compromise. It’s not in Scotland’s interests that the SNP prefers picking fights to making a deal.”

This is just plain fatuous. The Tory government is incapable of making a deal with Brussels, they are disunited and disagreed. Scotland is wise to dissociate its Parliament from May’s ridiculous fiasco.

And Scottish Labour paid no attention whatever to Corbyn, and rightly so. He’s in cahoots with May. This English folly can only strengthen Sturgeon’s arguments for complete independence from England.

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