Has Theresa May lost her effing mind?

Well, it would be no surprise give Tory infighting and her own intransigence. You should check out The Independent’s recent cartoons.

Theresa May stokes fears NHS ‘for sale’ in post-Brexit US trade deal after refusing to rule it out of Trump talks

In prime minister’s questions, she refused (!) to answer the question asked by Lib-Dem leader Vince Cable, “Can she confirm that, in her conversations with President Trump, she has made it absolutely clear to him the NHS is not for sale?”

She is willing to sell or rent the NHS to the disastrous American “health care” industry in order to secure a trade deal with Trump. She’s that desperate, she’ll cling to straws. It is not possible to trust this prime minister. I wouldn’t trust her to run a flea-market stall.

First, it is fucking insane to ask companies involved in US health care to run any part of the NHS. That’s an absolute no-no considering how many Americans have to go without. And how many more will have to go without once the ogre Trump is done with them.

Second, what the fuck does the idiot think she’s doing thinking of trusting Trump in any trade negotiations at all? She’s lost her bleeding marbles, or she’s so engrossed in screwing up Brexit she can’t think any more. Trump is a proven liar, he reneges on contracts, he won’t keep his word, and is a completely untrustworthy partner in any enterprise. He’ll betray you sooner than spit on you.

I think I’ve I’ve said this before, but if she doesn’t realise this, she’s even dumber than I thought. Worst prime minister in history.

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