Government by outrage

Looks like Trumps and Johnson are playing the same game. Keep making outrageous statements, when the press reacts, change the subject and make another outrageous statement about something else. Wash, rinse, repeat.

There is virtually no point in reacting to their every statement. For example, our pathetic new home secretary, Priti Patel, has made headlines by saying that her government needs to be able to read people’s Whatsapp messages. Of course, this is to act against terrorism, child abuse, etc, etc, ad nauseam. One could get stuck into this and say she might as well ask for every home to have cctv monitored 24 hours by government spies.

But what would be the point? She’d just come up with some other stupid idea to distract us from the reality that this is the worst, and most right wing government in modern times. If possible, it might be to right of the dreadful Thatcher. Thatcher was a liberal compared to Priti Patel, who loves the death penalty (yes, I did read she had changed her mind, but I think she’s lying about that), hates those filthy perverted homos, and loves rich people. She’s a positive boil asking to be lanced.

This is all a distraction from what the Tories stand for: more money for rich people. That is all they care about, and they need to distract poorer voters from that issue. So they stir shit up.

They can stir up more shit than anyone has the attention span to take in and rebut. So yes, we can acknowledge Tories are full of it. The point is, to get them out of office, not try to rebut every stupid idea they come up with. Offer better ideas. Tories aren’t fit to govern, and the message Labour and other parties should be putting out is they they can do a better job than any Tory, because you cannot trust a Tory with your life or vote.

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