God, Theresa May and the Tories are sickening!

The human impact of Theresa May’s hostile environment policies

Tories seem intellectually incapable of understanding concepts like human rights, or treating people respectfully and decently. My parents came to Britain separately during WWII, met here, and the rest is history. My brother and I don’t have papers verifying they settled here legally, and that’s something May and her evil crony Amber Rudd has been throwing at other children of immigrants, or immigrants in general.

Should I be expecting a letter from the Home Office telling me I should get my sad ass back to Poland because I can’t prove my parents resided in the UK legally? I don’t even speak the language.

And then there is the issue, as yet unresolved, of EU immigrants who have made a legal life in Britain, and enriched its culture. One cannot trust the sorry likes of May and Rudd not to force them home or tear apart families on the altar of prejudice against immigrants.

Tories are proving themselves to be utter bastards without any human feeling. They are the stuff Nazis were made of. Only they call it “hostile environment”, courtesy of Theresa May.

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