Glad to see a British leader can match Trump for sheer crassness

Boris Johnson jokes about British sex tourism in Thailand during major Brexit speech

Mr Johnson said: ”As I have just discovered we have more than a million who go to Thailand every year, where according to our superb consular services they get up to the most eye-popping things.

This… Thing… is what a lot of Tories are considering prime ministerial material, in the all too likely event of May’s expiration?! He’s joking about sex trafficking? Good grief.

It’s as bad as the Moggster. At least the Moggster doesn’t joke about sex. Apparently he’s only had it six times. Nothing to laugh about there.

And who wants to listen to  a known liar about Brexit anyway? He really is Britain’s feeble response to Trump. A carnival barker who cannot be trusted, whose word cannot be believed, who promised £350 million a week for the NHS after Brexit which he has no intention of delivering. Remember that lying bus.

Boris thinks we should unite about Brexit, the Tory plan to destroy Britain’s economy. How about we stop it by stout opposition?


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