Gag me with a spoon… Farage…

Brexit: Nigel Farage vows to return to frontline politics if public given second referendum

Almost worth not having a second referendum to spare us from this racist git. But not quite.

Odious as Farage is, we got ourselves into the present mess thanks to David Cameron’s ill-considered decision to have a referendum in the first place. We aren’t or weren’t a democracy governed by referenda, till now. Since we were plunged into this mess by a stupid prime minister trying to get himself out of a hole, maybe it needs another referendum to get us out of it, to let us reconsider a rash and daft decision.

Then we can amend the constitution to handle referenda more wisely. Maybe require super-majorities, or have a couple or more to confirm the decision where Parliament is too craven to do it.

We are governed by idiots, but let’s face it, we elected them. We’ve no-one to blame but ourselves.

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