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Brexit: Whitehall officials begin ‘serious work’ on UK staying in EU customs union as way to rescue deal

Whitehall officials have begun “serious work” on the UK staying in a permanent EU customs union as a route to rescuing the Brexit deal, despite Theresa Mayruling out the move, The Independent can reveal.

Preparations are underway at a high level, amid a belief the beleaguered prime minister will be forced to offer the potentially crucial compromise to Labour.

NOW, they are “beginning” serious work on a customs union? What bullshit is this? This is work that should have been started two years ago as part of general preparations for any sort of exit, and no exit at all. It’s a bit late now, without an extension of Article 50, which the cretinous and untrustworthy May has vowed not to request, to keep the fascistic anti-European wing of her horrible party on her side.

May’s “plan”, if rudderless leadership can be characterised as a plan, has been to obfuscate and delay, do nothing substantive till March 29th rolls around, and Parliament is forced to choose between a no-deal crash out, and her Botched Brexit. Her “backstop” – what the fuck does that actually mean? – has always been fuzzy blather to paper over the cracks on the Tory party, no-one having the least clue how it could ever be implemented in order to keep an open Irish border while the UK leaves the customs union. May’s deal is a classic example of a political oxymoron that will go down in political science textbooks for decades to come.

The True Blue Brexiteer, of course, doesn’t give a shit about an open border in Ireland, they just want to justify their xenophobic jingoism.

The only way of keeping an open border is a permanent customs union of some sort. It’s obvious to anyone with more awareness than any sort of Brexiteer that the best way of doing that is to abandon Brexit and stay in the EU. That way we can participate in forming EU policy, rather than slavishly following it.

Recent votes in Parliament, have established there is likely to be no majority for a sensible Remain outcome. Both May and the idiot Corbyn have split parties on that. So barring a political miracle with MPs coming to their senses – and where have they been known to do that before? – the ONLY option becomes a permanent customs union outside the EU. I think at this point, that’s the only way Parliament can force May and Corbyn to finally get their fingers out their asses and actually, for once, do something sensible and constructive that can at least keep the UK in one piece, instead of allowing a political and economic disaster to happen.

Corbyn and May may fancy themselves as masterly Machiavellis, but they are just bumbling ditherers without a hope between them.

If they fail on this one, and right now they both look like they want to sail off into the Brexit sunset regardless of consequences, they endanger the unity of the UK. The SNP keeps looking better and better. I’ve put their New Year calendar on my fridge door. Once, it would have gone straight in the cardboard recycling box.

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