From the anals of stupid…

… not annals, anals.

Flat-earther blasts off in homemade rocket in bid to reassure himself world is shaped ‘like a Frisbee’

This twit, who believes in an earth shaped like Terry Pratchett’s discworld, managed to build a rocket that propelled him less than 2000 ft into the air, to prove the earth is flat. There’s no indication whether he thinks he validated his claim by this feat, given that 2000 feet is less than a tenth of what airliners do at 30 to 40 thousand. And a tiny fraction of the international space station at ∼ 1.3 million feet, or 400 km.

The dingbat had a hard parachute landing and had to be taken to hospital  Hope they charge him.

All the proof you need to know the earth is spherical is to watch a ship sail away from harbour. Even with the best telescope, you can only watch it so far before it disappears over the horizon. The ancient Greeks knew that centuries ago, this American bimbo hasn’t a clue. Horizons exist because the earth is spherical. You don’t even need to build a rocket, however feeble.

But I suppose life would be less amusing without its total dingbats risking their and other lives to prove some idiotic theory counter to science true. Next we’ll have creationists trying to blast themselves into the past to prove humans and dinos were on the Ark together.

Morons, the lot of them.

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