Former head of the diplomatic service calls Tory Brexit proposals “mushy thinking”…

… if indeed they can be classified as thought of any sort.

Foreign leaders think UK has ‘lost the plot’ by pursuing Brexit, says a former head diplomat

Sir Simon Fraser opines that this is because other countries think that Britain’s influence will wane in isolation from other major trading partners, and also because Theresa May’s vision of a “global Britain” is ill-thought out, and not much more than a slogan without substantive plans or ideas.

A visit to China is nice, but a trading deal through a large economic bloc like the EU would be more remunerative than tiny little Britain trying to bluster it’s a big player. May has delusions of grandeur, and the Chinese are likely to have a very different view of her trip than she has. They aren’t really equals.

Hot-heated Tory Brexiteers like Johnson, Gove and the lamentable Moggster, let alone the fading May, have so far offered nothing concrete to replace the common market of the European Union, just bland platitudes that it will all be wonderful in the end, only trust us and believe!

Only an idiot would believe these schmucks.

Whether May goes limping along or gets replaced as PM by an extremist chowderhead is apparently likely to be decided this month, with the Brexiteers and Tory remainers clashing loudly and unproductively over policy.

I’d suggest passing the popcorn and enjoying the fracas, but the only good that can come of this is a general election to get rid of the schmucks, and truth be told, Jeremy Corbyn is no more to be trusted on Brexit than May.

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