Food for thought

US says Russia developing ‘doomsday’ autonomous nuclear torpedo, as Trump administration announces more aggressive stance to Moscow

Who to believe? Vladimir or his best buddy Donald? Or either?

The Donald is under investigation for collusion with Russia, which seems likely, and is trying to scupper Mueller’s investigation of that by publishing the memo generated by Trump sycophant Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

The FBI says the memo omits facts. Well, isn’t that convenient. The memo omits facts hostile to Trump. Isn’t that a surprise.

And now the Donald’s flunkies conveniently announce that Russia is developing new nuclear weapons. Did  the Donald have to clear this announcement with Vladimir before it went out?

The main consequence of Trump’s election is that no-one can believe anything his government says. And when you can’t believe anything the US government claims, its usefulness as an ally is completely negated.  NATO is no longer relevant, because the US cannot be trusted.

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